Informix support of ONTAPE as cron 
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 Informix support of ONTAPE as cron

Joe is right, the OWGS for NT does 9in fact default to archiving to disk
for both the system and the logs.  I never got round to doing a restore
though!  I am puzzled as to how it could work.




}: CAUTION ????
}: On the subject of ontape to cron with output to disk,
}: Over the last several years, the hook in any scheme writing ontape archive
}: files to disk instead of tape was the apparent refusal of Informix
}: to support an attempt to recover should you need to recover from
}: disk.  The documented, supportable approach to recovery was ontape -r
}: with a tape drive in the TAPEDEV specification in the onconfig file.
}: At one point, I called Informix tech support, opened a case on the
}: question, and had it confirmed that indeed they did not support the
}: disk archive/restore cycle.
}FYI, the NT version (7.23) of ODS does support archiving to disk using
}their GUI.  In fact, I believe archiving to disk is the default.

}Slaving away on "INFORMIX DE{*filter*}S Survival Guide", available early 1998
}from Prentice Hall/Informix Press.  If you have debugging tips, tools, or
}ideas to share, please send me some e-mail.

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Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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