I-net /I-Star connectivity for MF application 
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 I-net /I-Star connectivity for MF application

Hello everyone,

We have this Informix ESQL/COBOL application being developed on a PC client.
MicroFocus Dialog is the frontend along with MF Animator as the debugging tool.
The application accesses the server Informix 5.x database on AIX through I-net
/I-Star connectivity. We are facing several problems here, listed below , and I would be glad for any help on any
/all of these :

(1)I-net /I-Star connectivity is not getting established. Error is error no. -932 which talks about network driver error, followed by Winsock error Getservbyname(arg). Cannot figure out if it is version problem, because while I-net 5.05.WJ1which we are using, is meant to work on Windows 3.1, we are using Win95. So could it be a sockets version mismatch problem ?

(2) On the same setup as above, Intersolve ODBC drivers are not getting configured. The 16-bit drivers give a gpf on starting the installation, and the 32-bit drivers do not allow Data Source configuration. When we try configuring a new data source for the Informix 32-bit driver (ODBC) BY iNTERSOLVE, we get an ODBC error : setup files could not be loaded, low on memory.

(3) On the frontend side, since Animator by MicroFocus is not supported by Informix, how does one make the Informix precompiled /compiled COBOL code get recognised by Animator ? I have heard of a custom runner available from MF itself, any one has any details on this ?

Would greatly appreciate any ideas/help/pointers...

Thanks in advance,

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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