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 change log size -Reply


     You don't need to save any of the old ones the onconfig is updated
     during the onparams processing to include the new number of logs.



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Subject: Re[2]: change log size -Reply

Date:    18/12/97 9:10 AM

So we can delete ALL old ones with onparams -d? What about saving 3
old ones as required when initalizing?



     Instead of reinitialising you could use onparams to add the new logs
     and delete the old ones with "onparams -d". You may have to use
     "onmode -l" to force the logical logsa in to the new group of logs



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Subject: Re: change log size

Date:    15/12/97 6:02 PM


> Hello, I would like to ask how can I change the log size of Informix ?
> (point me which manual to read is o.k. :> )
> Since I perform a lot of search, comparing and the log 'full' very
> quick. I don't want to do 'ontape -a' in the middle of my job. (Our DBA
> is out town so I don't have anyone to ask) Thanks a lot.

> Regds
> LAM Chi-fung

For version 7 manuals.

Not a simple operation as this involves re-initialising the instance. A
simpler option is to add more logs. This is documented in Admin Guide 2
, page 23 -5 or type "onparams -" for help.

Alternatively if you do not need to log the load,

Make the note of the logging, you will get this from onmonitor - Status
- databases,
turn logging of the database with "ontape -s -N <database>", but set the
tape parameter in the config file to /dev/null first,
then load the info,
then turn the logging back on to whatever it was before using ontape
then reset you tape parameter in the onconfig file.

Section in manual for modifying logging is 21-7.

For version 5. I don't have the manuals but ontape is tbtape and
onmonitor is tbmonitor
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