Pulling TEXT datatype into a VB5 app 
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 Pulling TEXT datatype into a VB5 app

I'm pulling data out of FoxPro 2.6 tables and putting it into an Informix
database on OLWS 7.23, and am running into a problem.  The FoxPro program
uses "memo" fields to store notes, which are important to the users.  Some
of these notes are pretty large, possibly 3k or more, so a 255 character
field will not be enough.  I decided to use the TEXT field on Informix to
give me a large area to store notes and not be worried about running out of
room.  Unfortunately, I can't get the notes back *out* of the Informix

When I first converted the data, I couldn't shoot it directly from FoxPro
into Informix, because I kept getting a null error from FoxPro.  I had to
temporarily store it in a string variable, then put it into Informix, like

Dim rstQuery as recordset ' data coming from foxpro
Dim rstInformixTable as rdoResultset ' target on Informix database
Dim tmpString as string

set rstQuery = dbsFoxPro.OpenRecordset("vndmast", dbOpenDynaset)
SQL = "SELECT * FROM splrmast"
set rstInformixTable = conInformix.OpenResultset(SQL, rdOpenKeyset,

... ' code to loop through rstQuery and add record to rstInformixTable
tmpString = rstQuery!notes
rstInformixTable!notes = tmpString

... ' other code

This is the only way it would work.  Now that I have all the data in an
Informix db, I query a supplier id and try to get the notes back out, and I
get an invalid use of null error, even after testing it for null.  Here's
an example:

SQL = "SELECT * FROM splrmast WHERE splr_id = '00694'
set rstQuery = conSMS.OpenResultset(SQL, rdOpenKeyset)
' blah blah blah
if not isnull(rstQuery!notes) then
    tmpString = rstQuery!notes
    tmpString = ""
end if

When there is something in the field "notes", I get an "invalid use of
null" error when I try to assign it to tmpstring.  Note this is *after* the
isnull test is successful!

I need to be able to read the notes and put them into a text box on a form.
 Does anyone have any ideas?

Phillip Koebbe
Eagle-Picher Technologies, LLC.

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
 Pulling TEXT datatype into a VB5 app

Try looking up VB5 help for GetChunk()


>I'm pulling data out of FoxPro 2.6 tables and putting it into an Informix

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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