ODBC IFX -> PC / Multiple Setnet32 settings 
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 ODBC IFX -> PC / Multiple Setnet32 settings

Hi and Happy new year from France.

Is it possible to manage 2 (or more) different settings in Setnet32 on my

I already have 1 working connection to the Informix database, but i want to
establish a 2nd one to our test database, on the same server, in a different
My sqlhosts is updated with the 2 lines needed, and the problem is in
setnet32, where i can not set the 2 different directories of my 2 databases.
(1st one, working is /pro/orgse, 2nd one to create is org/essai )

Tthanks for all your informations on that.

Christophe Gauder

Tue, 22 Jun 2004 18:33:21 GMT
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