Oracle Forms 5.0 OCA/ODBC Informix 7.2 
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 Oracle Forms 5.0 OCA/ODBC Informix 7.2


> When using Oracle Forms (Developer 2000/ Win NT 4.0), and configuring
> to run against a non-Oracle data source (OCA, Informix 7 ODBC Driver)
> is it a requirement of Forms that the Informix Online Workgroup engine
> (7.20) run in quiescent mode?  Otherwise, is it possible for Oracle
> Forms 5.0 to connect to and, using the Data Block Wizard, develop a form
> for Informix?

Gee now that's a really great feature for Oracle. (Requiring Informix to be
in Quiescent mode :-)No wonder why they are killing Informix in sales! I can
see it now,
Oracle Salesman: " See! Our product works great. Its just that Informix's
engine doesn't want to
respond! That's why it doesn't work! It's Informix's fault. ....."

[Sorry I couldn't resist! :-]
Quiescent mode means Informix has a shared memory segment, but is not "up"
its still down and
not excepting connections.

> We are currently able to view Informix database table and column names in
> the "Database Objects" section of the Dev2k Object Navigator; however
> we are unable to access these columns via the Form. When using the Data
> Block Wizard we receive a "not logged in" error, even though we are
> connected to the odbc driver.

Hmmm,It could be how Oracle does authentication.
Whats interesting is that you have to connect to the database to see the
system tables.

Why don't you try Openstep with its EOF adaptors? It can connect to Oracle,
Sybase, and
even Informix right out of the box!


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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