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 Informix Truck Schedule

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         Now is the time to get your 1992 request in for the truck.

                 Contact:  Victoria Alvarado at x6709 or email "toria"
                 Send me:  Dates and possible location of visit.


                    Informix Truck Success Stories

On a weekly basis I will submit a success story of what the Sales force has
to say about their visit with the Informix Truck.  If you have not submitted
your story, please do so today!


                            Truck Schedule

3               Torrance, Ca  (Steve Martin)
4               Tustin, Orange County (Steve Martin)
5               Newport Beach
10 - 13         Truck Repairs - Kansas
19              Joplan, Missouri (Eric Enzeroth)
20 - 21         St. Louis  (Eric Enzeroth)
24 - 25         Chicago  (Michelle Banks)

2 - 3           New Jersey Office "OPEN HOUSE"
4 - 6           New Jersey area
11              Washington, DC "Federal Tour" (Art Murray)
12              Washington, DC "Federal Tour" The Pentagon (Ken Kelstrom)
16              Norfolk, VA "Federal Tour"
18              Charleston, SC "Federal Tour" (Cyndi Stephenson)
20              Tampa, Fla. "Federal Tour"
23              Pensacola, Fla. "Federal Tour" (Cyndi Stephenson)
30              Seattle, WA.  Computer Systems Show (Joe Levin)

1 - 3           Seattle, WA. Computer Systems Show (Joe Levin)
7               San Francisco, CA  "Federal Tour" (Art Murray)
8               Fresno, CA  "Federal Tour"  (April Green)
10              Los Angeles "Federal Tour" (Art Murray)
13              Phoenix, AZ  "Federal Tour" (Art Murray)
15              Sierra Vista, AZ  "Federal Tour" (Art Murray)
17              Albuquerque, NM.  "Federal Tour"
20              Austin, TX (Art Murray)
22              San Antonio, TX.  "Federal Tour" (Art Murray)
27              Memphis, TN.  "Federal Tour" (April Green)
29              Montgomery, AL "Federal Tour"

1               Atlanta, GA.  "Federal Tour"  (Art Murray)
4 - 8           Integraph - Huntsville Alabama (Gaye Phillips)
12 - 13         Chicago Office Open House (Joe Nieman)
19 - 22         Open Systems Show - Houston, TX (Mike Baldwin)
25              Salt Lake City, UT.  "Federal Tour" (Art Murray)
26              Ogden, UT. "Federal Tour" (April Green)
28              Denver, CO. "Federal Tour"

1               St. Louis - "Federal Tour"
3               Chicago - "Federal Tour"
5               Philadelphia - "Federal Tour" (Cyndi Stephenson)

**Schedule is subject to change**

All SE's working with the truck should arrive at least an hour and a half
before the arrival of your visitors.  

This gives you the necessary time needed to familarize yourself with the
truck and its demos.

 William Daul             Advanced Support      INFORMIX SOFTWARE INC.
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Mon, 25 Jul 1994 02:26:28 GMT
 Informix Truck Schedule

Pardon my ignorance... but what is the Informix Truck???


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Tue, 26 Jul 1994 11:27:55 GMT
 Informix Truck Schedule

>Pardon my ignorance... but what is the Informix Truck???

The Informix Truck is a vehicle that goes around the country engaging
in Informix marketing events and demos.  I appreciate its schedule
being posted here.
Laurence Sigmond | Logical Systems | "Intelligence is the faculty of...making

Sat, 06 Aug 1994 02:46:58 GMT
 Informix Truck Schedule
Mobile Marketing Medium

Las Vegas -- A 70' semi-trailer parked in Informix Software,
Inc.'s booth had everything but Merle Haggard singing the truck
driver blues. High visibility, plus a controlled product
demonstration environment were but two of the benefits this
unusual tactic provided.

Informix's main objective was to identify itself as a major
player in the information management software business. The
flashy rig became the major drawing element for the company's
50'x 60' exhibit.  Just having an 18-wheeler parked on the show
floor was enough to intrigue passersby.

Entering the middle of the trailer through sliding doors, you
could check out two areas - a 12-seat conference area with a
short video presentation set up in the front of the trailer, or
a hands-on software demonstration from manufacturers such as IBM
and Macintosh.

If you wanted information about a specific product application,
an escort would take you to the appropriate workstation
outside the trailer.

While Informix used the semi-trailer to exhibit products, they
also let their customers know about their mobile marketing
medium -- the truck itself. Informix software typically runs on
large systems that are difficult to bring to a customer site for
a demonstration. And companies often require the approval of
several decision makers before purchasing software.  By using
a traveling demonstration with all necessary equipment, they can
reach key decision makers with one visit. Presentations are
often custom-tailored to a customer's specific applications.

According to David Saunders, Informix systems engineer manager,
the truck has two main functions in the sales process. It's a
way for the customer to have a hands-on experience by seeing,
touching and observing the product. And, it tells people
Informix is willing to go out of their way for its customers.

"Because they are willing to invest in this kind of project, it
leaves an impression in peoples' minds that this company is an
aggressive marketer," says Saunders.

It's unknown at this point as to the quality of leads gathered
from the truck.  But Informix knew a large percentage of
attendees visiting the exhibit were checking out the truck. On
the second day of Comdex/Fall '90, Informix gathered 1,500
leads. One thousand of those prospects had gone through the

Besides sales leads, Informix received inquiries from numerous
software companies who wanted to show their products
interfacing with Informix software.

"I had several computer vendors who wanted to put their machines
on the truck, and had at least two terminal vendors wanting to
put their new X-Windows terminals on our wall (inside the
truck)," says Saunders.

While unable to put a dollar value on the amount of overall
sales generated by the rig, Informix marketing director Jeff
Tingley estimates that it's contributed to sales totaling at
least 10 times the amount what the truck cost to develop.

"It's been a core ,marketing tool of ours," says Tingley. CS

Contact:       Rosanne Siino


73-Foot Truck Showcases Informix's End-to-End Product Strategy

MENLO PARK, Calif, (August 20, 1990) -- Informix Software, Inc.
(NASDAQ:IFMX today unveiled a 73-foot truck that will serve as a
mobile demonstration center for Informix's full line of
information management software products. The customized blue
truck enables the company to cost-effectively show its
integrated end-to- end software solutions to customers anywhere
in the country.

"It is important for our customers to see our products, not just
hear about them," said Jeff Tingley, director of marketing for
Informix. "The networked computing system in the truck gives us
an effective way to showcase the tight integration of our
products. We can, for example, show our Wingz graphical spreadsheet
running across multiple desktop platforms and accessing an
Informix-OnLine database on a multiprocessor UNIX-based system.
Without the truck, this type of networked demonstration is
difficult to bring to a customer site."

About the Truck

The truck contains a demonstration room with a variety of
personal computers and workstations running Informix-based
applications. The desktop platforms are networked to a
multiprocessor UNIX-based system, enabling Informix to
demonstrate its integrated database-through-the-desktop

"The truck's demonstration area highlights not only our
products, but also the products of our value-added reseller and
OEM partners," said Tingley. "By drawing on the hardware
platforms or vertical applications provided by our partners, we
can customize demonstrations to the requirements of individual

In addition to the demonstration center, the truck includes a
twelve-seat theater area for multimedia presentations, and a
conference table for customer meetings.

A husband and wife team drive and maintain the vehicle, which
will be on the road throughout the year. A dedicated systems
engineer also accompanies the truck around the country.

About the Products

The truck is designed to showcase Informix's full line of
information management software products. These products include
Informix-OnLine, Informix's mainframe replacement database
engine that combines fault tolerant OLT? performance with
multimedia capabilities; and Wingz, Informix's leading graphic
spreadsheet that includes the HyperScript to programming
language. With Informix's Wingz-DataLink technology, users can
access information from any Informix SQL database into a
Wingz worksheet or use HyperScript to build a custom graphical
database application.

Other Informix products include SmartWare U, an integrated suite
of office automation software; the Informix4GL family of fourth
generation programming tools that dramatically reduce application
development time; Informix-SQL, a menu-driven relational database
management system; the Informix-ESQL family of development
tools for embedding SQL into C, COBOL and Ada programs; and the
Informix-SE database engine for decision support applications.

About Informix

Informix Software, Inc. is a leading supplier of information
management software providing solutions from the database through
the desktop.  Informix products include powerful distributed
database management systems, robust application development
tools, and graphical- and character-based productivity software
for delivering information to every significant desktop

Headquartered in Menlo Park, Calif., Informix has a European
headquarters in London and an Asia/Pacific headquarters in
 William Daul             Advanced Support      INFORMIX SOFTWARE INC.
 4100 Bohannon Dr.        (415) 926-6488 - wk
 Menlo Park, CA. 94025    {uunet, pyramid}!infmx!!cheetah!billd

Sun, 07 Aug 1994 10:02:21 GMT
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