Big ISTAR performance problem 
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 Big ISTAR performance problem

Poul Pedersen writes:

[Stuff deleted]

|On the server I have 300 to 500 sqlturbo processes. No frontends
|runs on the server. All frontends are version 4.10.xx and all
|backends are version 5.00.xx.

It may help to get the exact versions of both Online and Istar for
each machine/environment - we have had problems in the past when they
are not exactly the same.  We also had almost exactly the same
problem with version 5.01.xx, but this was caused by the license
daemon.  Perhaps you could try the same thing out with a different
version of Informix (eg:  5.02 if available) and see if the
performance is still bad - you could do this separately from your
live stuff first.

|If I run my test program on the server, when the load
|is high without using Istar, the total used time is very low, it may
|be 0.07 sec. up to 1.00 sec.
|If I run my test program using Istar from the server or from one
|of the clients the used time gets very bad, the time peaks up
|to 190 sec. Actually it is not useful to run client server
|for the normal users !

What sort of things is your test program doing ?

Could you let us have a copy of the program and test script ?

Hope this helps,

Richard Ridley

Sat, 03 Aug 1996 11:18:33 GMT
 Big ISTAR performance problem

What a license daemon is?
How to try if everything is OK on license? (We've installed and
reinstalled portions of Informix software and I'm not sure if everything
is OK. Everything is working but I don't know if some 'deamon' spoils
performance or something)

Michal Hobot

Sun, 04 Aug 1996 20:29:45 GMT
 Big ISTAR performance problem

->Subject: Re: Big ISTAR performance problem
->Date: 16 Feb 1994 12:29:45 GMT

->Organization: Science And Accademic Computer Networks
->What a license daemon is?
->How to try if everything is OK on license? (We've installed and
->reinstalled portions of Informix software and I'm not sure if everything
->is OK. Everything is working but I don't know if some 'deamon' spoils
->performance or something)
->Michal Hobot

There are a couple of related-but-not-the-same issues here.

A license daemon is usually a program that is started by the system operator
and then runs in the background, or it may be built into other software, such
as the database engine.  It checks how many users you have active and compares
it to how many you are permitted to have.  For example, if you have a 16-user
license and 16 users are using your database (or whatever the license daemon
is watching), when user number 17 tries to use the database, the daemon tells
him/her "maximum users already active, try again later" or something similar.
Different vendors do their license watching differently.  I am not sure
*exactly* how Informix does theirs, so I can't tell you what to check.

The other issue deals with REinstalling software.  If you reinstall parts of
the Informix software, then you MUST reinstall the network software (I-Net or
I-Star) LAST.  Parts of the network software (libraries, I think) overwrite
the corresponding parts of other software, such as 4GL, with files that have
the same name.  Therefore, if you reinstall 4GL *after* the network, it will
replace the network libraries with the local-version libraries, and you won't
be able to connect to remote servers, etc.  When you upgrade 4GL, reinstall
the network software, even though it didn't change, to make sure you have the
network versions of libraries, etc.

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Mon, 05 Aug 1996 07:23:10 GMT
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