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 Load command and characters in field


I am trying quite unsuccessfully to load a file that was originally a
Foxpro file into Informix.  The problem is most of the Foxpro fields
were memo fields with lots of carriage returns.  It appears that
Informix sees these carriage returns as a new record which is not the
case.  It is merely a new paragraph within the same field. I end up
with an error message implying that the number of fields in the
informix file do not equal the number of fields in the Foxpro file.
It does, but since Informix reads the carriage returns as a new
record instead of just recogizing the delimiter, it counts wrong.
Following me?  

Does anyone know a way I can work around this problem without
deleteing all the carriage returns within each field?

Thanks in advance


Tue, 23 Apr 1996 06:57:37 GMT
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