Help for database evaluation 
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 Help for database evaluation

Hello everybody !

We at the City Council of Vienna are going to test and evaluate RELATIONAL
database systems for further use in administration and program development.

Our wanted database should be as standard conformant (XPG3, (Embedded)
SQL ...) and performant as possible. (I know this is naive, but the world
is evolving by dreams).

We would be graceful if we could get informations, hints and experiences from
database users (INGRES, ORACLE, RDB, SYBASE, INFORMIX, ...) to make our
decisions easier.

So, if you are willing to tell us your experiences with your database or
you have some testing software (standard conformance, performance, ...)
P L E A S E  contact us via email or news.

                                Thanx in advance 4 your efforts

                                        Manfred Hauswirth

Manfred Hauswirth                           Email: ...!mcvax!tuvie!xs0001!hao

                                        Papermail: Gemeinde Wien MD - ADV /Ma
                                                   Referat EPS
                                                   Alserstrasse 20
                                                   A-1090 Wien
                                            Phone: (0043) 222-4039584-13

Fri, 19 Aug 1994 21:09:26 GMT
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