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Please forgive me if this is in the FAQ but am too beat to read anything.
For three days I have fought with an input array in some code I am maintaining
We have 4.1 4gl with 4.1 online on a MIPS machine.

When the delete key is hit nothing happens. when the insert key is
hit it opens a line but fills it with what is already there.
I went as far as writing a snipit of code I know should work and it did not!
I finally transfer the code to another machine SGI 4.1 with 5.01 and it
worked correctly.

It was a difficult battle because my manager had worked somewhere that
must of had the same bug and they didn't know it was a bug, if it is a bug?

Any info, work arounds or ideas would be a great help.
Can't call Informix because the mighty and wise management dropped the

Thank for you time,

Wed, 28 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT


>When the delete key is hit nothing happens.

I don't have any ideas on that one.  Do you mean the function key to
delete a row, or the DELETE key that acts as INTERRUPT?

>                                            when the insert key is
>hit it opens a line but fills it with what is already there.

Are you doing input WITHOUT DEFAULTS?  If so, then strictly speaking I4GL
is doing what you're telling it to do:  give you an open space in the
array without touching the data.  This, however, is *not* what I4GL did in
earlier versions, at least not for us.  This bit us when we went up to
4.something from an earlier release.

While satisfying the purist in all of us (including me), this corrected
behavior does mean that you have to go back in all of your app's that use
INPUT ARRAY and add a BEFORE INSERT section that contains row initialization

Good luck,



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Sat, 31 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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