stored procedure syntax error on sql statement 
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 stored procedure syntax error on sql statement

I get a SYNTAX ERROR in compiling a stored procedure where I have an SQL
statement with a UNION.

Its a query which returns 1 row, so I issue the sql as a single  SELECT /
INTO ... statement.
The only way I can get the SPL to compile successfully is if I put the SQL
within a foreach loop.

Is this normal behavior?

I can only assume that the compiler is assuming that the SQL, because it
contains a UNION, is going to return more than one row (at least one for
each set of data) and therefore complains unless a foreach loop is present.

Is anything else going on here?  Did I miss this in the documentation?

my environment is  Sun Solaris 2.6.  IDS 7.30 UC 7


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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