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  This is from David Williams the FAQ author.

  Being foolish I tried to install Solaris 8 on my PC without a backup
  even though I recently bought a 14Gb external HP tape drive for
  backups and recently bought a CD burner but never took
  backups..Arrgh my PC got wiped as Solaris 8

  a) Failed to install
  b) My partitions were
         Small C Drive
         Small Empty (originally to boot Linux <1024 cylinders)
         7Gb D: Drive with Windows + potential FAQ updated on it
         Large Empty (for the rest of Solaris)

      This became
         Small C Drive
         Large D Drive

     Arrgh! Solaris MOVED my D drive and then failed to install!!

    Even tried to move the D Drive back to where I think it was
   (C: + the empty small partition were the same size I think)

   NO JOY Whole PC trashed.....

   I booted a Linux disk and did

   dd'ed the first 8Gb | strings | grep for at least 3 consective letters

   into a file on my second hard drive (40Gb Dos Drive!!)

   I probably have all the potential FAQ updates in this 155Mb file
   but this will be very hard to search. My PC has 256Mb of RAM
   so I can boot Linux and vi the file but searching 600,000 lines will
   be hard!!

    HELLLLLLLLLLLLLP! If you have e-mailed me updates then

    (Demon Internet), well I don't have an  install CD as my original
    software came on floppies (I'm a long time Demon customer)
    and I have moved house a lot.

    As an ICL employee I can use the iclway address so please send
    FAQ updated to me there!

    I will search for the word FAQ and so most stuff
    which people have asked for WILL be added.

    Johnathon I remember something about outer joins. Also
   someone   (George V??) wanted their e-mail changed.

   PS I even recently bought a book entitled UNIX Backup and

   PS Don't say a word...this happened last Saturday and I have been
   downloading software ever since. Thank God for
   I've downloaded about 926Mb and >1500 files.

   PPS Now to a) burn CD's b) Backup to Tape c) Reinstall

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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