help linking C & Clipper 
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 help linking C & Clipper


I'm currently writing a C program which passes data(array) to a Clipper
subroutine for processing, after the result is passed back to the
C's main().

As I'm a new to Clipper ( My book didn't help, it's just the type
of book like Clipper's ABC :~ ), I wonder if the experts out there
could ans the following:

1) how could I forward data ( pass by value & pass by reference )
   to the Clipper function for processing & how do I get the processed
   data back ?

   could someone pls kindly illustrate with example(s) ( one C program
   passing C datatypes like: int, long int, pointer, array etc. TO      
   another Clipper function which transforms the C prototype into
   Clipper's internal stack like logical, numeric etc. After processing
   the Clipper function should return changes to the C's main )?

2) how could I do the another way round ( passing stuff from Clipper
   to C & get them back )?

3) any book to recommend ( My book just tell me to use extend.h, _par*(),
   _stori() etc. but I NEED EXAMPLES to facilitate understanding, not
   just trial & error. Please help  ! :~      )

Your advice/help is very much appreciated. Please email ( fast! )

Thanks in advance.

Wed, 24 Apr 1996 14:17:59 GMT
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