ontape new tape issue 
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 ontape new tape issue

I seem to recall some very old ontape bugs, and it may have been around that
version.  One was you could not archive to multiple volumes.

Upgrading 2 years ago would have been a good option and is getting better


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Sent: Friday, 14 December 2001 4:33 a.m.

Subject: ontape new tape issue

I am backing up from Informix 7.23.UC1 on an AIX 4.2.1 system with an
ontape -s -L 0 onto 4mm tapes on an IBM 7206 005 tape drive.

Recently due to the addition of a test database for development, these
tape backups no longer fit onto one tape. I am rotating through tapes
and have found that if I try to do my ontape onto an previously used
tape for tape #1 and a new tape for tape #2, then when it gets tape
number 2, it gives an error (beginning with dd read, I don't have the
rest of the error handy). But if I use a new tape for tape #1 and the
old tape for #2, it works just fine. Any ideas?

New tape in this case means just out of the plastic wrapper from the

Thank You

Randolph Finder

Mon, 07 Jun 2004 09:49:48 GMT
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