Power-4gl: Extending Informix-4gl 
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 Power-4gl: Extending Informix-4gl

Power-4gl is an integrated set of functions that greatly enhance
Informix-4gl systems, particularly by providing powerful and
flexible user interface tools.

The purpose of the package is to give an alternative to expensive
and not quite mature client server solutions. Power-4gl offers an
advanced user interface within the known sphere of Informix-4gl.

More information is available on the WWW at:

    http://www.***.com/ ~frantz/pow4gl.html

Included is the full manual, prices and retrieval of a demo program
which shows Power-4gl in action. The demo program can also be
retrieved by anonymous ftp at:


This package can be unraveled by "uncompress" and "tar xf".

If you want more information about Power-4gl, please contact

Thu, 25 Sep 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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