Informix/DB Admin/Devel., Cambridge/Boston MA, New England 
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 Informix/DB Admin/Devel., Cambridge/Boston MA, New England

Fax (617) 661-8625 or e-mail immediately. This is state of
the art multi-media DB work and this openings will be filled
Position: Informix Developer/ Database Administrator

Job Description
Develop large Informix DBMS administration tools and policy.
Integration of customer service system with imaging system.

Salary: Minimal qualifications starts at 50k + bonus, higher based
on qualifications.
Environment: Downtown Boston, Financial District, Sun, HP servers.

The ideal candidate will have at least 2 years experience in the
design and development of RDBMS-based distributed information systems
and 12 months (intensive) experience with Informix.

Position requires:

() ability to design, develop relational databases using Informix.
Emphasis is on performance tuning and the management of large
DBs (> 5GB).

() extensive experience in SunOS or other BSD/SYSV UNIX environments.

Other skill pluses include:

() Previous experience with imaging processing applications.

() Previous experience working in financial institutional
high-availability environment.

Please send resume to:

--  or --
(fax) (617) 661-8625
-- or --

I-Kinetics, Inc.
c/o HR
Re: JobCode DBA/Informix
19 Bishop Allen Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139

About the Company
I-Kinetics Inc. designs and develops solutions for very large
distributed information systems.  I-Kinetics' products enable
organizations to unite their existing Unix and PC/Windows applications
into powerful, low-cost cooperative processing networks.

                  An Equal Opportunity Employer

Sat, 20 Apr 1996 21:59:44 GMT
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