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->From: uunet!sanantonio.cs.tcu.edu!trammel (D Trammel)

->Subject: DBLOAD
->Date: 25 Apr 92 19:59:56 GMT
->X-Informix-List-Id: <news.1100>
->I would like to know if it is possible to issue an update
->as opposed to an insert into statement when using DBLOAD.
->I have a ascii file that changes often and I just want to
->update my Informix database to match the info in the
->ascii file. I know I can delete the info in the Informix table
->first, but this needs to be a production application that can
->easily be run by a non-technical person.
->Your help is appreciated,
->Shane Trammel

No: DBLOAD does inserts only.  You can create a "new" table with the same
structure as your "real" table, load the "new" table with data, delete the
corresponding rows from the "real" table, and then cross-load from the
"new" table into the "real" table with "INSERT INTO real_table SELECT *
FROM new_table;".  This works, though its messy, and can be done by SQL
scripts plus shell scripts without much problem.


Sat, 15 Oct 1994 23:13:10 GMT
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