Long Checkpoints, balancing network traffic across multiple Aliases 
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 Long Checkpoints, balancing network traffic across multiple Aliases

Another problem that we are having is that every 12 hours or so we see a
really long checkpoint.  At first it was 25 seconds then 36 seconds, now we
have a 41 second checkpoint.

It's very strange, every thing seems to be humming along nicely, then BAM -
a virtual slap in the face from my Informix engine.

I'm sure I am overlooking something that I should be aware of, does any one
know what may be going on?  There aren't any mass updates/inserts/deletes
going on to cause the checkpoints.

Thanks again,


06:34:07  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 1 seconds.
06:44:16  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 1 seconds.
06:54:24  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 2 seconds.
07:04:32  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 2 seconds.
07:14:39  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 1 seconds.
07:24:48  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 2 seconds.
07:34:57  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 2 seconds.
07:45:05  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 2 seconds.
07:55:13  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 2 seconds.
08:05:21  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 2 seconds.
08:15:29  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 2 seconds.
08:26:17  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 41 seconds.
08:36:25  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 1 seconds.
08:46:32  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 1 seconds.
08:56:39  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 1 seconds.
09:06:46  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 1 seconds.
09:16:54  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 1 seconds.
09:27:02  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 2 seconds.
09:37:10  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 1 seconds.
09:47:19  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 2 seconds.

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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