Memory Leak in IDS 7.31 UD4 for HP-UX 11.0 
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 Memory Leak in IDS 7.31 UD4 for HP-UX 11.0

Sent: Monday, February 10, 2003 9:43 AM
To: Everett Mills
Subject: RE: Case# 349423

I am also posting this to comp.databases.informix, thread: Memory Leak
in IDS 7.31 UD4 for HP-UX 11.0

>On Saturday when you seen the instance adding another segment, was
>before or after you made the change?  


>Also, you had mentioned multiple instances......Have the kernel

params been >adjusted to reflect more than one instance?

We have two instances, each on its own server (one in Dodge City, one
in Liberal).  Both have been behaving in the same fashion since the
upgrade.  The Dodge City one was the one that added another segment on
Saturday.  The Liberal server had been adding segments about a day
after the Dodge City one.

>The params we have in the release notes are minimum tested
>values for ONE instance only, so if you have more than one instance
on a
>machine, these will have to be adjusted to accomodate multiple
>(i.e.  twice what the release notes state if there are two


This doesn't apply, as our database engines are on different (but
identical) machines.

>Also, is Informix the only thing running on this machine or are there
>apps that are running that can be consuming memory also?  

Yes, the Informix products are the only applications on the servers.

>If there are other apps, the only way to truly see if it is Informix
>consuming all the memory is to shut down everything but informix and

see if >memory consumption still increases.  Let me know.

Even if other apps were running on the servers (they aren't), I don't
wee how any app that does not create a database connection could cause
the database to grab additional chunks of RAM.  Also, just before I
bounced each of the engines, I removed all user connections to the
database.  Even with only Informix's own internal sessions running
(the ones with pid of 0), onmode -F failed to recover any memory.
This, to me, very clearly points to something not being right in the
way the server is handling shared memory.

>>Yes, I did get it and make a change.  Interestingly, when the
>>were restarted, one refused to release its shared memory.  I had the
>>reboot the server to get it to go again.  Also, on Saturday one of
>>instances added yet another segment.  That means it was using nearly

four >>times the amount of memory as the previous (7.31.UC5) server
had to do the >>same job.

>>>Just checking back to see if you received my email from last week
>>>suggesting that you increase your SHMVIRTSIZE and monitor the
>>>consumption after that change.  Please advise if you received that
and if
>>>you've made the change.  WOuld you like me to put this case in a
>>>status for a period of time before we close it, to see if things

get >>>better after making this change??  Please advise.  Thanks.


Jon G. Adam
Software Engineer
IBM Data Management Solutions
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Sat, 30 Jul 2005 00:54:23 GMT
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