Errcode -1268 **HELP** 
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 Errcode -1268 **HELP**

 i forgot to mention that this only happens once in a while,
 I've seen it two times this month, the program runs every day.

Original posting :

 Problem     : Receiving error code -1268 when selecting field which is NOT
               a DATETIME or INTERVAL field.

 Description :
        on a table made up by 110 fields total 616 Bytes,
        I select a CHAR(10) field which is the primary key,
        to check for existance :

         $prepare aq1 from
                "select st_hkontonr from ks_hkonto where st_hkontonr = ?";
         $declare q1 cursor for aq1;
         $open q1 using $Key;
         $fetch q1 into $Out;
         /* Error 1268 here !! */

        there is only ONE DATETIME field in the table, and I DON't select it.
        This should not (IMHO) generate errcode -1268 eh??

 Can anyone Help ???.

        Informix Online  (tbstat -v) = RSAM Version 5.00.UC2  
        INFORMIX-ESQL Version 5.00.UC2  
        Pyramid OSx512M 5.1a-93a080 MIS-2/02


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Sat, 08 Jun 1996 23:13:03 GMT
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