Informix 7.2 ODBC problem 
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 Informix 7.2 ODBC problem

Hi Newsgroup,

I have an 16Bit Client/Server application using ODBC to connect an informix
7.2x database (INFORMIX-CLI 2.5).
When i attempt to update two text fields in a row and the text values
contains characters like '??', I receive an native ODBC-error -609 'Illegal
attemp to use text/byte host variable'. This only happens in an
UPDATE-statement NOT in an INSERT-statement! The problem is not surely
reproducable, it depends on the workstation the call comes from. On some
workstations the problem occurs in a specific table, on another workstation
it occurs on another table.

This problem is driving me nuts!

Can you help me???

Greets Joseph

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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