Problem with Onbar Level 0 
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 Problem with Onbar Level 0

Hi !

        We have an Informix 7.31.FC6 working with Legato Networker. We
do backups level 0 on Saturday and level 1 from Monday thru Friday. We
have a problem. When Legato execs onbar command I have seen in the
logs that it execs an onbar command from level 1 (on Monday by
example, onbar_d -b -L 1), but in the onbar log I can see this

WARNING: dbspaceXX does not have a level 0 backup.

And so all dbspaces. And it execs and onbar backup level 0 all the

But I have seen the logs and it seems that all the backup level 0 are

        Which is the problem ?

        Thanks in advance for any help.

        I'm sorry for my english.

Sat, 01 May 2004 19:36:26 GMT
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