Fw: onbar dbspace level restore problem ... 
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 Fw: onbar dbspace level restore problem ...

Hi Listers,

We don't have the option of seperating the two systems into it's own
instance or into it's own database. They will be consolidated into one
database and one Informix instance. Although they will coexist in the same
database, the data for GL reside in its own tables, hence, I can seperate
them to a different dbspace that the Core system. However, it won't make
sense to do that if I won't be able to restore that dbspace to a point in
time, earlier that the Core system dbspace and not have to apply the logical
logs to synchronize the dbspaces. I'd appreciate some confirmation of the
onbar dbspace backup and restore concepts that I have described. I'm not
sure if that is how it actually works. Hopefully some of you have visited
these crossroads before and might be able to provide some insight on how you
Some alternatives or workarounds may exist.
Please let me know if you need further clarifications.


Denmark W.

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Subject: RE: onbar dbspace level restore problem ...

> We have been faced with a similar problem.  We have two vendor-supplied
> applications.  Each stores it data within its own database.
> However, both databases reside within the same Informix instance.

> We need the ability to restore one application's data without impacting
> other application.  So our solution is to move one of the applications
> to a separate Informix instance.  Will that solution work for you?

> Another approach is the point-in-time restore to a separate instance.
> Then you can transfer the affected tables to the original instance using
> export/import.  Personally, I find this approach too risky.  I would
> stick with one set of Informix backup and restore utilities.

> I do understand that Informix is developing database and table level
> restore utilities.  After those utilities are released and tested,
> we may consider another approach.

> Rick

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> Subject: onbar dbspace level restore problem ...

> Hi Listers,

> Please give me your comments and recommendations on the following
> problem:
> We are running IDS 7.30.UC3 on Solaris 7. The banking, client / server
> application has data in informix tables and in VSAM (MFCobol) files on
> The application which will be integrated is now seperated into two main
> parts:
> The Core system and the GL system. The application uses some tasks and
> processes called the Message Manager, that performs all requests from
> clients.
> The problem we have is with deciding what backup and restore strategy to
> since we need to have a seperate strategy for GL and for the Core system.
> The bank runs a batch process each day for the Core system and another
> process for the GL system at different times. The GL batch usually runs
> first.
> However, when the GL batch is running, transactions are being committed to
> the core system as well.

> I know I can put all tables related to GL in their own dbspace and use
> to backup the GL dbspace before the GL batch process runs.
> However, I'm concerned that in the event I have to restore the GL system
> a point in time , usually to the point before the GL batch process
> using the onbar level 0 backup of the GL dbspace, we might not be able to
> restore to that specific point in time because of the following onbar
> requirement.
> Onbar requires that all logical logs created after the level 0 dbspace
> backup must be applied before the dbspace is synchronized with the other
> dbspaces.
> This is a catch-22 isn't it? Wouldn't rolling forward the logical logs
> restore the same things I don't want to apply? I know I can tell onbar to
> restore to a specific point in time, but I don't know what logical logs
> would be rolled forward in order to synchronize the newly restored
> I would appreciate some clarifications on this matter as it affects our
> development and implementation efforts in releasing a new system.
> I am a Sytem Admin/DBA at a financial institution in Belize.

> Grateful for your help.
> Regards,

> Denmark W.

Mon, 26 May 2003 22:49:20 GMT
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