Anyone using HyperScript Tools? 
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 Anyone using HyperScript Tools?

G'day fellow net.persons!  Is there anyone out there using HST?  We're
considering purchasing it for our new HP700s since Wingz is not available on
the HP700s.  (The HP700s are replacing our venerable Apollos on which we ran an
old version of Wingz.)

Is it easy to use?  How easy is porting Wingz Hyperscript scripts?  It's
currently at version 1.0, so I wouldn't be surprised to find a few bugs.  Are
there any glaringly obvious ones?  Are you happy with it?

Answers to the above questions or any comments at all would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
John Marley.

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Sun, 21 Jul 1996 14:10:04 GMT
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