Need help with DISPLAY ARRAY problem. 
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 Need help with DISPLAY ARRAY problem.

Subject: Need help with DISPLAY ARRAY problem
Date: 22 Dec 1993 10:48:03 -0500

Hi John,

Here is a solution to your problem. Just include CALL SET_COUNT() to
your code as described below.

>     I need some help.  I am new to Informix - so new I am using
> Informix 4GL 1.10.  I am learning this using the Users Guide but applying
> it to my own application.  I am having the following problem:
>     OPEN FROM fba_stats FROM "fba_stats"
>     DISPLAY FORM fba_stats

      CALL SET_COUNT(no_elem)
    {* Where no_elem is the total count of the array elements that need to
        be displayed.
        The SET_COUNT() informs DISPLAY ARRAY about the array size to be
        displayed. Same thing holds good for INPUT ARRAY WITHOUT DEFAULTS. *}

>     DISPLAY ARRAY p_player TO player.*

This will solve your problem.


- Rajhans.

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Mon, 10 Jun 1996 02:58:04 GMT
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