Features in 4GL RDS IBM/PC 
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 Features in 4GL RDS IBM/PC

This is question is primarily aimed at Informix personnel. If any
body else cares to answer please do.

I have Unix version 4.10 4GL. For a special project I decided to
get 4GL RDS for the PC. I was intending to be able to:

1. Communicate with a called program by using the "run" command
   and returning a status value.

2. Be able to use the "load" in 4GL.

I bought a pig-in-a-poke. I can do neither.

I tried using the read ascii technique from the Tech Notes. It does
not work on PC 4GL RDS. I can use the "run" command and execute
dbload but I have no way to check on the status.

Version PC 4gl RDS is  1.10.06/2.10.06E

Is this the most current release?

Any plans to get load on the PC RDS version?

Does anybody have a workable technique for "load" without using
C programs?

Can I get a refund?

Mike Kuhn  uunet!rhlab!kuhn

Michael J. Kuhn  c/o  uunet!rhlab!kuhn

Sun, 20 Mar 1994 05:53:12 GMT
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