Informix SE linked tables through MS SQL 
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 Informix SE linked tables through MS SQL

Dear Group,

I have my Informix SE database linked via ODBC in MS SQL 2000.  I've created
views on the linked tables but the queries take some time to run and some
cause my asp page to expire.  I know in MS SQL 2000 you can create an index
on a view but it doesn't allow me to create indexes for views whose base
tables are linked tables.  Does anyone know how to work around this?  I've
downloaded the latest Informix SDK and I'm using the ODBC drivers from that.

P.S. I know this should be a question more for an MS SQL user group but I've
grown up with Informix and this user group and all the other resources I've
tried has proved fruitless.



Fri, 11 Jun 2004 09:30:43 GMT
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