Problems with password in CLI 3.31 CSDK 3.40 TC1 NT 
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 Problems with password in CLI 3.31 CSDK 3.40 TC1 NT


I've got some difficulties by logging into a IDS 7.30 database on HP-UX 11.
I have defined a systemwide ODBC-connection on my NT-Workstation.
Then I added a link from MS-Access 97 to a Table on the Informix-database.

All works fine if the password  and the username is given to the definition
of the ODBC-connection. If I want to be asked for the UID and the password
at the beginning of a connection, I get error -956. After that the
options-field of the connection has the value 1. So as in the
host-definition of setnet32.

Adding the client to the .rhosts does too work fine.

What can be wrong?



Fachhochschule Rhein-Sieg, Andreas Walter


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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