INET on Mac, ISTAR on 
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 INET on Mac, ISTAR on

Thanks for your interest and comments.

> : We have also gotten the INET/ISTAR middleware to work.  

Actually, I've only managed to connect.  I really haven't done an
actual report or anything else yet.  So far we are using MacX for
Informix data maintenance screens although I can't figure how to
configure the 10-key pad and function keys on the Mac.

> Very interesting. What version of MacOS are you running on which hard-
> ware (68k or PowerMac)?

Sorry about not including enough detail.  We are on PowerMac 7100s
running 7.5.1.  I have figured how to get rid of the duplicate table
names but not clear why the incorrect response to one of the start-up
questions caused the duplicate table names.

> We've been looking for a solution to access Informix data from the
> Macintosh and had hoped that the new Visigenic ODBC drivers for Mac
> would be it. These drivers, however, depend on INET, and we were told
> by our vendor that INET doesn't support any MacOS versions > 7.1.

When we ordered the Mac INET and ISTAR from Informix they had to go
back to their archives to get the version that would work with the
Informix Online version 5.0.

> Maybe you have better news?

> Regards, Richard
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Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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