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 For Madi RE: Char var prob in 4gl

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> Hello,

> I have a 4GL function which creates tables dynamically. I need to prepare
> the "create table" statement. Since the table created will be huge
> the char variable  which holds the create statement has to be large enough
> to hold the entire create statement. Unfortunately when i try to
> declare a character variable (globally or locally) whose size is greater
> than 32767 ,+1 for null (2^15)   like

> DEFINE cr_str char(32767)

> the 'C' function generated by the c4gl has a definition
> char cr_str[102];
> (Obviously the 4gl to C generator uses a short int)
> Is there a way to overcome this without replacing the 4GL function
> with a 'C' function (since the function is complicated,which is easy to
> write in 4GL).

Have you tried a 'text' instead of a char?

Alternatively - split the statement into parts and do

PREPARE xxx FROM strg1, strg2, strg3...


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Sun, 21 Apr 1996 07:28:02 GMT
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