Informix CLI 2.0 : problem with ODBC driver using MS-ACCESS and MS-QUERY 
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 Informix CLI 2.0 : problem with ODBC driver using MS-ACCESS and MS-QUERY

> I have a weird problem using Informix CLI 2.0 in combination with
> MS-ACCESS 2.0 and MS-QUERY. While trying to set up an ODBC connection
> a ran into a strange problem :

> <snip!>

ODBC is a strange animal and it gets stranger yet under MS-Access.
I can shed some light on some of what you described, and I can heartily
recommend OpenLink ODBC drivers for use with MS-Access 2.0 and Informix 5.0
or later.

Re: Dropping all the indexes.  This will causes MS-Access to attach to the table
as a "snapshot" which is not updateable.  In order to get Access to attach to the
table as a "dyanset" (updateable) you need to have at least one unique index on the
table.  (Therefore views, which "seem" to have no indexes -- though the underlying
table(s) might -- always get attached as snapshots.)  Access will use the first
unique index it finds as a "bookmark" for accessing/updating records.  You can
fool Access in to thinking there is a unique index by first attachin the table
and then executing a "data definition" query which creates a unique index on the
attached table (or view).  This will not actually create the index on the server,
but will make Access think there is one there.  This information (and a lot more
than you will probably ever want to know) about the "Jet" engine can be found in
a White Paper which I know is available on the MS forum on CompuServe and probably
somewhere on the MS internet site as well.

MS Access is pretty picky about ODBC drivers.  I've found that ODBC drivers that work
fine with other apps can't handle Access. I have had good results with OpenLink, however.
I believe you can find them on the net at http://www.***.com/ .



Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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