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 Document Management/imaging/workflow

Do you currently have a document imaging,management,workflow solution in

Feith Systems and Software, is a leading software vendor offering a complete
Document Imaging, Document Management, COLD (Computer Output to
Laser Disk), Workflow and Electronic Bill Presentment/Payment solution for
client-server and Web environments.

Feith Document Database(FDD) runs on Windows with support for NT and popular
UNIX platforms using SQL database software from Oracle, Informix, Sybase or
Microsoft SQL Server.  FDD seamlessly integrates with Oracle Financials,
SAP, and other ERP and legacy applications quickly and easily.
Feith Systems provides comprehensive, scalable solutions to our customers,
which include some of the largest corporations and organizations and
Government facilities in the U.S.
in a nutshell, Feith Document Database opens a whole New World of cost
reduction, increased productivity, improved workflow, improved customer
service, and streamlined administrative tasks.

Our system(software), will integrate with your current database, allowing
not only all the databases to talk to each other, but will also give you the
ability to actually VIEW the documents pertaining to what you are actually
reading on the screen, rather then having to have someone go into the filing
cabinet, retrieve the document, possible loose it misplace the doc, or the
other problems associated with the manual processes, that with our software,
will become automated. There is a number of other functions that can be
integrated via the Feith Document Database, that I hope you will consider


our company website is,   http://www.***.com/  you can also find a list of
some of our current ustomers.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

If you would like me to send out an information packet, along with a CD of
our services, please e-mail at the email address below, and I will be happy
to accommodate

Thank you for your time and consideration,


(215)- 646-8000
Feith Systems and Software
425 Maryland Dr.
Fort Washington, Pa.

Mon, 21 Jun 2004 05:07:04 GMT
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