Character variable problem in 4GL 
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 Character variable problem in 4GL


I have a 4GL function which creates tables dynamically. I need to prepare
the "create table" statement. Since the table created will be huge
the char variable  which holds the create statement has to be large enough
to hold the entire create statement. Unfortunately when i try to
declare a character variable (globally or locally) whose size is greater
than 32767 ,+1 for null (2^15)   like

DEFINE cr_str char(32767)

the 'C' function generated by the c4gl has a definition
char cr_str[102];
(Obviously the 4gl to C generator uses a short int)
Is there a way to overcome this without replacing the 4GL function
with a 'C' function (since the function is complicated,which is easy to
write in 4GL).

Thanks in advance.

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Sun, 21 Apr 1996 06:13:03 GMT
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