CfPapers: IEEE TDKE Special Issue on Learning&Discovery in K-B DBs 
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 CfPapers: IEEE TDKE Special Issue on Learning&Discovery in K-B DBs

Subject: CFPapers: IEEE TDKE Special Issue on Learning & Discovery in K-B DBs

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                                Call For Papers
                IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
        Special Issue on Learning and Discovery in Knowledge-Based Databases

The effective and efficient use of intelligent information systems
requires far better tools and techniques which can assist a wide range of
users to create, comprehend, modify, and otherwise use such systems.  
Full use of future intelligent information systems will be impossible
without such aids. Inextricably intertwined with the rapid growth of
data and information available, techniques which extract knowledge from
databases must be developed. Techniques developed from machine learning theory
are not readily amenable to database technology without modification;
databases are rapidly changing in response to new opportunities-
hence the development of knowledge-based and object oriented paradigms.
As one noted researcher has put it, "Computers have promised us
a fountain of wisdom, but they have delivered a flood of information."
Recent research progress, coupled with reported application successes,
has created a significant interest in learning and discovery in
Knowledge-Based Databases.

The guest editors solicit contributions for this Special Issue
of TKDE in the following areas:

* Learning and Discovery in Databases
* Integration of Knowledge-based and Object-Oriented Approaches
* Data Engineering Tools and Techniques for Learning and
  Discovery in Databases
* Visual and Perceptual ways of Discovery in Data
* Integration of Knowledge-based and Statistical Approaches
* Integration of Different Discovery and/or Learning Methods
* Use of Domain Knowledge in Discovery and Re-use of Discovered
* Learning and Discovery of Causal Structure in Data
* Interactive Systems for Data Exploration and Discovery
* High-level Query Answering and Data Summarization
* Discovery in Complex Data or Text
* Ethics of Discovery in Social Databases
* Successful Applications in Medicine, Business and other areas.

Manuscripts should be no more than 25 typewritten, double spaced
pages, including figures and references. Each manuscript should
have a title page with the title of the paper, full name(s) and
affiliation(s) of author(s), complete postal and electronic
addresses, telephone number(s), and informative 150-200 word
abstract and a list of identifying keywords.

Please submit 6 copies of a paper to the guest editors by 15 June 1992.

        Nick Cercone/Mas Tsuchiya
        Special Issue of IEEE TDKE
        Centre for Systems Science
        Simon Fraser University
        Burnaby, British Columbia
        Canada V5A 1S6

Acceptance status letters will be sent by 1 November 1992.

Fri, 12 Aug 1994 05:54:09 GMT
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