Problem on 4GL on PC 
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 Problem on 4GL on PC


Running  INFORMIX-4GL  Version  1.10.06/2.10.06E  
on  IBM PC  Clone.  PC's  are running a couple of
different  verison of DOS from 3.2  to   4.0.1

My  problem is on the 386 Machine running 4.0.1 DOS that
program  is having problems crashing.   The error message
variy but all seem to do with  index problems.    I've tried to
duplicate the problem on the machine running DOS 3.2 and
cannot, even using the exact same data.    I also ran the same
softw are and  data  on a  UNIX  machine and have had no

Question.??     Has anybody had problems with  indexs on a
PC  running  DOS 4.0.1.      In general has anybody had problems
with 4GL  running on PCs.     Is the software truley portable
between  UNIX and the PC enviorment. ?


Richard Westover
Silicon Graphics Computer Systems
ASD Operations,  Information Automation

Mon, 18 Jul 1994 23:47:48 GMT
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