[ ISAM error -131 : no free disk space 
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 [ ISAM error -131 : no free disk space

I have been having problems with adding pictures to one of the tables in
my database.
I am running this on an NT and using regular NTFS disk space for the
I am using the commands like the following to add the pictures:

INSERT INTO mbl_image VALUES (0, 133, 651, 2, DATETIME(2000-08-30
14:21:20)YEAR TO SECOND, 13.9530666666667, 21.5392,'T', 'jpg',
FILETOBLOB('I:\51034_133.jpg', 'client' ),
FILETOBLOB('I:\51034_133_t.jpg', 'client' ));

These commands work well for the first 132 pictures, but the 133 picture
fails to be inserted and the error:

[Informix][Universal Server][mbl] SQL Error (-9810) : Smartblobs error.
[ ISAM error -131 : ISAM error: no free disk space ]

Now my dataspace for these pictures was created with the following

onspaces -c -S myndspace -g 5 -p f:\ifmxdata\myndspace_dat.000 -o 0 -s
2000000 -Ms 5000 -Df "LOGGING=ON"

Since each of these jpg pictures is less than 0,5 mb in size all 132 of
them can at most be 66 mb
Which is far less than the 2 GB that the myndspace dataspace contains.
Since there were about 422 pictures in the database already this makes a
total of 554 which should take approximately less than 272 mb. In fact I
would expect to Get at least 3000 pictures into the dataspace before
experiencing any lack of space.

So why am I getting these no free disk space errors. There seems to be
plenty of space on the
NTFS disk that contains the dataspace when examined in windows.

At first I thought this had something to do with the metadata size

But now I suspect that it has to do with the allocation of pagesize with
the g5 option in the onspaces command above. For blob spaces on NT it
is supposed to be allocated in multiples of 4kb (a different allocation
method for page size is used for Unix implementation of Informix).

Does this ring any bells with anyone out thee in Informix DBA land?

Has anyone com across the above error when using an incorrect multiple
of the page size. That is
If one tries to use a multiple of 5kb as I have foolishly done above.

I would like to be sure about this before I drop my tables and
smartblobspaces, and redefine them
(although I stored the sqlcode to do this as a contingency plan). This
would also mean that I would
have to deal with the same error in other dataspace definitions that I
have done.

Has anyone run into a similar problem?

Or does someone recognize the isam error message above as having to do
the metadata allocation?

Thanks for any answers in advance.
Arni Thoroddsen

Thu, 10 Jul 2003 00:58:55 GMT
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