Hyperscript vs. PowerBuilder-buy which? 
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 Hyperscript vs. PowerBuilder-buy which?

We need client/server tools that will give us the capability to develop
Windows based reporting  and graphing applications for a point-of-sale
transaction database.  We also need an end-user ad-hoc reporting tool for
Windows.  We are planning a 30 day demo of Viewpoint and the Hyperscript
Tools packages starting in about two weeks.  Depending on the results of
this demo we may also demo PowerViewer as an alternative to Viewpoint and
PowerBuilder against Hyperscript Tools.  We have been through a
PowerBuilder seminar and have seen demonstrations of the products
mentioned, but have no hands on experience.

I'd like to hear from Viewpoint, Hyperscript and PowerBuilder users
regarding their experiences.  Recommendations are welcome.   I just heard
down the hall one of our product development managers saying "I called
Microsoft and they said its an Oracle problem, and then called Oracle and
they say its a Microsoft Access problem" related to ODBC.

We have: Online 5.0, ISQL, RDS/I4GL, and ESQL-C running under Interactive
UNIX V4.0 on a Dell 486/66 EISA box, 32MB RAM, 3GB of disk (2GB raw).

Jeffrey D. Hanan

Phone:(505) 848-5362
Fax: (505) 848-5720

Mon, 22 Apr 1996 01:13:03 GMT
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