Problem with TEXT data types when generating report using Informix 4GL 
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 Problem with TEXT data types when generating report using Informix 4GL

Got the following error:
(Error: 4GL run-time error number -4646.
The specified WORDWRAP RIGHT MARGIN value is out of range.  It must
be greater than or equal to the current column and less than
or equal to the report's right margin.)

I have a table that store user comments in text data type, and I have to
generate a report selecting all data from this table.
I do the following:

"define f_comment text
 locate f_comment in memory"

use a cursor to select the necessary fields out, output to a report file
for every row, but it got the above error when it reacheds the statement:

"PRINT fi_rpt.comment WORDWRAP"

I allocated the whole line for this text varible, but no matter how short
(e.g. 5 chars) the text is, it will catch error, and this is only the first line
of data in the report so it couldn't be related to the position of the last
line. I am sure that the space available in the report is enough to accomodate
the data in the text field.

But when I gen report for another table which uses char field instead of text,
it got no errors !! It will also wrap to the next line if the char data is too
long (which I believe will happen for text data also)

I have tried every possibility for the print statement like
"print column 004, fi_rpt.comment wordwrap right margin 100",
but still can succeed, is there any possible explanation for this ??

I also think of converting the text data to char(xxx), but don't know how to
do it, do informix 4gl support this ?


Tue, 05 Oct 2004 17:21:33 GMT
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