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        Hey experts

        can you help me with an ethernet calculation for a client
        server installation with ISTAR and Informix Online.
        If I have the following informations from tbstat -p

        dskreads        50 per second     (Calculated worst case)
        bufreads      3650 per second               -
        dskwrits        10 per second               -
        bufwrits       100 per second               -

        I estimate the average record length to be 80 bytes.
        The tables in my database will use row locking.

        The number of data bits to transfer between client and
        server will be around (3650+100)*80*8 = 2.4 Mbit per second.
        There will be some SQL commands, which will be transfered as
        I then suppose, that the ethernet with a capacity of
        1 Mbit per second will be insuficient, but a 10 Mbit
        net will have the needed capacity. Is this correct ?

        Thanks for your help from
Databaseadministrator Poul Pedersen
Kuwait Petroleum (Denmark) A/S

2830  Virum                               Voice:  +45 45 98 45 94
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Wed, 22 Feb 1995 16:03:10 GMT
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