Informix-NET/Windows NT and threading 
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 Informix-NET/Windows NT and threading


>We are running Informix-NET for Windows NT against an Online-Server (UNIX)
>and there the following problem arises:

>Whenever we start a database action, NET starts processing but immediately
>returns control to the calling application (seems like NET runs as its own process)
>and that's not the thing we want.

>Is there any possibility to avoid this (like the TBMBlockMode variable on
>NET/Windows [we tried this for NET/NT also but there was no effect])

I run into the same problem. But from what I found out there is no additional thread running.

INET just runs a Windows message loop via GetMessage/DispatchMessage in the infwsock.dll.
To stop it read the manual entries on SQLBREAK and SQLBREAKCALLBACK in the Programmer's manual.
But i think this behaviour will only show, if you use tcp-ip connections.

I hope this will help..



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Wed, 27 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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