Q: Linking a MULTITHREADED ESQL/C application 
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 Q: Linking a MULTITHREADED ESQL/C application

Hi Informix Gurus!

we want to use ESQL/C in a multi-threaded application developed for Sun

esql requires some special thread library other then lipthread or

esql:   When using -thread, the THREADLIB environment variable
        must be set to a supported thread library. Currently
        supporting: DCE.

What thread libraries are supported by esqlc? Where can I purchase/get
information about them?

Thanks in advance,

Kremenetski 3, Tel-Aviv Israel 67899     phone:   972-3-565-9721
                                         fax:     972-3-565-8424

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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