DSN-less "ODBC" connections on Unix 
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 DSN-less "ODBC" connections on Unix


I have an ODBC application that I'm trying
to "port" to Unix/Informix Online. We use
SQLDriverConnect to perform "DSN-less"
connections. However, I've not been able to get
this to work. The Informix driver typically
returns "general error". I have got DSN
connections of the form "DSN=xyz;" to work so I
think the connectivity is OK.

My build/test environment is:

OS: HPUX 10.20
Server: Online 9.20
Client SDK: 2.40.UC11
Informix Driver: 3.3 32-BIT

IMHO the documentation is very poor when it comes
to the build environment - the release notes tell
me NOTHING about which libraries I need to link
with - I've had to guess from the demo makefile.

I've ended up using
$INFORMIXDIR/lib/cli/libifdrm.sl and
$INFORMIXDIR/lib/cli/libifcli.sl as these are the
only ones that a) link and b) provided any
connectivity at all (via DSN based connection).

What I'm trying to produce is a program that
links DIRECTLY to the informix driver i.e.
without the Driver Manager - I'm not convinced
this is happening using the above linkage.

The runtime documentation in this area is equally
bad. Details of which connections strings to use
differ from manual to manual - and there are even
contradictions in a single manual.

I'm trying to use something like:


iclis09b.sl is the single threaded shared library
3.3 Informix Driver (supposedly)
online_server points to a shared memory server
references in my sqlhosts file
demo is a valid database and UID/PWD are correct.

I've also ensured my $SHLIB_PATH environment
variable is set to

Is DRIVER only required if the Driver Manager is
involved ?

What are the valid connection parameters ?

Which shared object libraries should I be linking
to if I want "miss out" the driver manager ?

Any and all help gratefully received.


Nick Rumble

So, my quest

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