INET on Mac, ISTAR on Unix 
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 INET on Mac, ISTAR on Unix

We have BrioQuery on our Macs and are now deciding on MiddleWare
to use to connect to HP9000/832 Unix box running Informix Online

For middleware we are deciding between DAL and Informix INET/ISTAR.

After 2 months and a comedy of errors we got DAL working.  The
big problem with it is we can not access more that one database
at the same time.  I can even run BrioQuery over the internet
while at the same time access the Informix database over the
internet from the same Mac.

We have also gotten the INET/ISTAR middleware to work.  The
immediate problem with it is that when accessing one database
the 'Table Full Names' window on the Mac shows 2 entries for each
table.  When I cliq on 'Display Full Names' it shows them as:
where gradsch and student are the 2 databases that we work with
most.  The calendar table is actually in the gradsch database.
I haven't been able to access more than one database at a time
and we were hoping that it would be able to access multiple
databases simultaneously.  Also, we cannot get this to work at
all when running BrioQuery and INET to the Unix box over the
internet from the same Mac.

The internet in both is accessed via 10-base-t.

So, if anyone can tell me why each table displays twice or
how to access multiple databases simultaneously I would
appreciate it.

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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