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 Embedded "carriage returns"



>I am trying quite unsuccessfully to load a file that was originally a
>Foxpro file into Informix.  The problem is most of the Foxpro fields
>were memo fields with lots of carriage returns.  It appears that
>Informix sees these carriage returns as a new record which is not the
>case.  ...



    Here's an idea for what it's worth:

    The "carriage returns" are probably not the ASCII CR character, but
the ASCII NL (new-line). The default for most UNIX systems is to store
the NL character in the file, and then add the CR character to the output
stream when the file is sent to stdout (the screen).

    What you might do is to use the tr(1) utility to translate the NL
characters to CR (carriage return) characters, and _then_ do the load.
Then when you output your text you will need to do the reverse process,
or change you stty settings to add NL when CR is encountered.

    Clear as mud?



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Wed, 24 Apr 1996 05:47:02 GMT
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