can I get the equiv of "onstat -" in sysmaster via SQL? 
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 can I get the equiv of "onstat -" in sysmaster via SQL?

HP-UX 10.20
IDS 2000 9.21.UC2

Doing some experimentation with wireless access protocol here, and I
want to display "onstat -"-like output on my cell phone.

I don't have cmd-line access to my DB server on the machine providing
the wireless access, so I can't just use "onstat -".  How do I get
the equivalent of "onstat -" out of sysmaster w/ a SQL query?

All of the sysmaster scripts I can find all have to do w/ specific
chunk stats, user stats, vp stats, etc.   I just want to know if my
database is up/down/quiescent/whatever, and for how long...



Sat, 05 Jun 2004 00:51:33 GMT
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