Istar to Istar connection problem 
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 Istar to Istar connection problem

Bill, thanks for the suggestion about sqlrm.  My understanding of the
relay module, however, is that it was meant to be used when running programs
that were compiled under a 5.x engine and want to run on a 7.xx engine.

My other 5.xx machine ( the NCR 3445 ) does not use the relay module to
connect to the 7.12 HP machine.

Any other ideas, anyone?  This has really baffled me.

Mike Ballentine
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I recall needing a special process called the "relay module" when connection
to a DSA engine from 5.X tools. (sqlrm)

You may want to ask support about this.


} I hope someone can help me with my Unix to Unix connection problem using
} Istar.
} Here's the setup:
} Boxes A and B:  IBM 720's running Solaris 2.4 with Informix 5.06.UC1
} Box C:  HP K410 running HP/UX 10.10 with Informix 7.12.UC1
} Box D:  NCR 3445 running AT&T SVR4 2.03 with Informix 5.02.UC7
} I am testing connections between these boxes using dbaccess

} I can connect between boxes a and b.
} I can connect between boxes c and d.
} I can connect from box c to boxes a and b.
} I CANNOT connect from boxes a and b to box c.
} I always get the error message -408 ( invalid message type received from the
} sqlexec process ).
} Tech Support so far has been unable to help.
} I have the identical service configured in sqlhosts and /etc/services -
} hebstar1 using 1542/tcp.
} I have all my connection priveleges set.  I have .rhosts configured to allow
} connections without passwords ( tested this using rlogin. ).
} I have tried using different protocols in the nettype field of sqlhosts -
} olsoctcp and oltlitcp.  It makes no difference.
} I reinstalled online and istar on boxes a and b - no difference.
} Any ideas?
} Thanks in advance.
} Mike Ballentine

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Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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