Informix OnLine goes down 
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 Informix OnLine goes down

I have a Informix OnLine system install on a IBM-RS6000 machine under AIX
version 3.0. My problem is that when I'm running the isql or anuy program, I get one of this messages:

  "Cannot read system catalogue -- File is not open"
  "Cannot commit work, no begin work yet" <- This is issued although I'm not using transactions....

  After one or more of this errors, and sometimes even without this errors
happening, the OnLine goes offline by itself and whenever I try to get it online, the daemon dies.
  There's no message issued to the console, nor any indication in the message log, except one entry whenever a program issues any of the errors above. The message is as follows"

  "Program aborted abnormally"pid=xxx, user =xxxx. us3000144,flags = 1 or
flags = 201. 221. 2001

  If I completely initializa all the system (erasing completely the database), the daemon dies as soon as the initialization process ends.

  What's happening? :(

  Alfonso Trevino

Sun, 21 Aug 1994 10:01:10 GMT
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