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Sysmaster (or some of the tables in it) is not a real database.  Do not
attempt these things on sysmaster.
Operation disallowed is the appropriate message to take note of.


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Sent: Monday, 24 December 2001 12:23 p.m.



I upgraded my Informix server from 7.31 to 9.21 this weekend. There is NO
error error messages in  message log (online.log) during the installation.
Afterwards, I executed a command " update statistics high on sysmaster" with
LTAPEDEV set to /dev/null
based on the tutorial material presented by Mr. Carlton Doe in this year's
IBM Informix Conference. The error message are follows:

243:Could not position within a table (informix.syscrtadt)
158: ISAM error: Operation disallowed on SMI pseudo table

Now the output of "oncheck -pe " has error message "ERROR: Missing pages
between 3517 and 3527", There was NO error from the same command just before
today's upgrade. Besides, the "update statistics ...."outputs from Art Kagel
scripts will NOT run now. I
still can run commands:"update statistics low drop distributions" & "update
statistics medium distributions only" on the dbaccess command line.

How serious is the problems with missing pages and how to fix it? Why I can
run "update statistics" on the whole database, but NOT individual tables?

Thanks for your help in advance and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!!!!

Best Regards,

Kenneth Ma

Fri, 11 Jun 2004 08:39:37 GMT
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