Clarification of Onbar RESTARTABLE RESTORE issue.... 
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 Clarification of Onbar RESTARTABLE RESTORE issue....

Hello all,

   I would like to discuss about a restore issue. I did the whole system
restore using the command "onbar -r -w -p"(Physical restore) and ignore the
logs restore since its the test system.
  I have to utilise the RESTARTABLE RESTORE feature since i was doing the
restore from a single tape drive with multiple data tapes. Everytime i
changed the tape, i got to perform the "onbar -RESTART" to start the restore
from where it left. Now the  whole system restore was completed, I brought
the system to online mode.

Suddenly, I found lot of chunks were still having the status PD. All these
chunks were belong to non-critical dbspaces.I tried to change the chunk
status to "online" using onspaces command since i could perform 'dd' on all
these chunks, but onspaces couldnt change the status. There were no chunk
offline error messages in the online log file.

I had this problem before during ontape restore. I was told that with some
backups (especially the backups ran on busy hours), the recovery process
during the restore will take a while before it brings the system to
quiescent or online mode depending on the amount of changes made during the

Having said that, i started the restore (onbar -r -w -p) again. But i
observed something this time. Halfway thru, dbspaces which are getting
restored using the RESTARTABLE RESTORE (onbar -RESTART) whose chunks are
still having status PD and dbspace status NP. But dbspaces which are
restored in the first bunch before the first RESTARTABLE RESTORE whose
chunks are having status PI and dbspace status NP. I am sure the PI chunks
will turn PO once i bring the system to quiescent/multi-user mode. Iam not
sure about the PD chunks though.


1) Could this be the problem during my last restore ?
2) Could anyone have issues with ONBAR RESTARTABLE RESTORE ?
3) Will the PD chunks change to PO after the restore gets over automatically
like the PI chunks ?
4) I have done many times the restore in the past like the same way without
restoring logs. Does the logical log restore mandatory while doing onbar -p
-r -w ?

Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Rajesh Rajasekaran
Informix Database Administrator
Forest Pharmaceuticals Inc.
314-493-7073 (Work)

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Sun, 04 Dec 2005 22:12:08 GMT
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